Embrace the notion that your entire game can be transformed by understanding the basics of golf. Turn confusion into discovery and become energized by the prospect of playing great golf.


The one-hour junior golf lesson is designed to take your game beyond the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to play the game. Lesson includes swing technique, force plate analysis, club fitting, home-based improvement drills, course management and flexibility. Whether playing for your school team, PGA Jr. League Team, Junior Tour or just fun, you’ll develop confidence in your abilities, achieve consistency, improve your course management and shoot lower scores. Grant Griffiths is motivating and enthusiastic, and will help you develop a repeatable and consistent golf swing to improve all areas of your game.


One-Hour Junior Golf Lesson Includes:

  • Customized golf instruction developed for you
  • Build confident playing skills for greater consistency
  • Improve putting, chipping and full swing mechanics
  • Learn from 15+ years of proven golf instruction
  • Access your CoachNow customized online account
  • Learn TPI fitness and home-based drills to improve
  • Understand the new 2019 golf rules and how to apply
  • Flexible schedule and year-round golf coaching

Junior One-Hour Golf Lesson

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