90-Minute Fitting + Lesson


One of the pains golfers experience when getting fitted for golf clubs and shafts is achieving the perfect balance between club fitment and golf instruction. Often, the club fitter chooses a club or shaft that does not match the goals of the PGA teacher for improvement. You end up spending a lot of money on shafts that don't change as your skills and ability improves, which leaves you frustrated, and needing new clubs in 12 months again.


Your ideal club fitting looks at the data and numbers that Trackman provides, and uses our EYG AI and machine learning algorithm to recommend a shaft or club that performs for today and tomorrow. Why purchase a set of clubs designed for slower swing speeds or poor ball striking, when your PGA teacher is working to improve this over the next 10 lessons. Imagine being fitted for golf clubs that perform for your game today and in the future, and builds all these specifications into the perfect set of clubs for real improvement and greater confidence.


Club Fitting & Instruction Combo

$250.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
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